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Here Is How Our Software Works

We Provide Everything You Need To Create Beautiful Social Media Images Of Your Reviews


Google API Integration

Our Software Integrates Directly With The Google API To Create Your Social Media Images

  • Search for your business using the Google API & simply choose your business.
  • Instantly pull in all of your business information & Google reviews. 

Facebook & Instagram API Integration

Our Software Integrates Direction With The Facebook & Instagram API To Post Review Images With A Single Click

  • Click the connect button and you will be taken to Facebook to choose the page you want to post to. 
  • Connect your Instagram to your Facebook page. 
  • Easily post to Facebook & Instagram with a single click. 

Customize Your Social Media Images

Choose Your Theme & Customize Your Social Media Images To Match Your Branding

  • Choose your desired layout & settings for your Social Media Images.
  • Customize your colors & background image to match your branding of your company.
  • Set the minimum threshold star rating to only show positive reviews on your social media.

Auto Post Your Positive Reviews

You Can Turn On Auto Posting To Post Your Positive Review Images To Your Facebook & Instagram Account

  • Choose which account you want to turn on auto posting.
  • Select the days and times you want to post.
  • Set the rating threshold so you only post positive review. 
  • Set how many reviews to post per day & the content you want to include.

Elegant Dashboard

Simple Dashboard To Track Your Reviews & Ratings Over Time

  • Track how many new reviews you get per month and over the lifetime of your campaign.
  • Monitor your overall rating and see your improvement overtime. 
  • See all your reviews in one place and click a single button to post your reviews to Facebook & Instagram. 

Simple, Elegant Designs To Showcase Your Customers Reviews On Social Media & Increase Conversion Rates!

Our online editor allows you to select a template for your review images and customize it to suit your brand, all done in a matter of minutes.





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